CBD Media LLC is the incumbent yellow pages directory publisher in the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area, operating under the Cincinnati Bell brand name and trademarks. CBD is the exclusive directory publisher for the Cincinnati Bell-branded yellow pages, distributing directories to over two million businesses and residences in the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. CBD publishes 15 yellow pages directories and a white pages directory. Spectrum partnered with Doug Myers, CEO, and the rest of the management team to acquire CBD Media from Broadwing, Inc. in a corporate spinout. At the time of the acquisition, CBD operated the tenth-largest directory publishing business in the US and the transaction marked the first spinout of an incumbent yellow pages provider from an RBOC. In March 2007, CBD merged with Local Insight Media, L.P. Local Insight Media is now the largest publisher of print and Internet advertising directories in Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the greater Cincinnati area. CBD was acquired by Local Insight Media in March 2007.

Headquarters: Englewood, CO USA