Jun 2016

Ancestry Opens New Headquarters in Lehi


Ancestry.com opened its new headquarters in Lehi Wednesday. For the past three decades, the family history company has been headquartered in Provo. CEO Tim Sullivan says the new location in Lehi at the Point of the Mountain will help the company attract top talent from both Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

“It is an ideal place for us to be headquartered because we’re constantly trying to recruit great, smart people, and it’s better to be able to recruit from both counties,” Sullivan says.

Ancestry has 1400 employees globally, 1000 of whom are based in Utah, and they are looking to expand. Sullivan says the addition of DNA testing tied to their database is driving growth. “We now have over two million people in our dataset,” he says. “We’re in such early days in this consumer genomics revolution and we’re terrifically excited about the growth in that business.”

Sullivan says Utah has emerged as a tech hub, and they’ll be looking to hire more technologists here as they grow.

Article written by Andrea Smardon, kuer.org