ExactBid Partners with Quire

ExactBid, the industry leading due diligence software company, is pleased to announce they have entered into a definitive agreement with Quire, a cloud based application for technical report writing, streamlining operations for lenders and providing a new opportunity for environmental consultants looking to grow their businesses.

Quire is a full-featured, cloud based application designed for technical report writing used by environmental consulting firms to automate and assemble lengthy environmental and engineering reports. Quire helps its customers optimize the writing, tracking, and management of any technical report-writing project.

“Quire is well-recognized in our industry as leader in providing quality service and support to environmental consultants to help them streamline their workflows,” said ExactBid CEO, Matt Cotter, “This is a key partnership for ExactBid allowing us to provide another layer of efficiency to lenders using RIMS and increase visibility in the marketplace for environmental consultants.”

ExactBid recently announced a similar integration between their two products, RIMS and Narrative1, to automate the flow of subject property data between lender and appraiser increasing due diligence workflow efficiencies and improving data quality in the appraisal report. “The partnership between Quire and ExactBid offers some of the same benefits to the environmental consultants and RIMS customers,” said Cotter, “The processes between environmental consultants and lenders will be further streamlined strengthening relationships, improving data quality and saving both parties significant time.”

This partnership streamlines the flow of data between lenders and environmental consultants improving productivity and placing both parties in a better position to compete for business. “Technology is transforming traditional businesses like those in the environmental consulting industry. It’s a fine line between winning and losing the market, so Quire is helping customers evolve into ‘composable enterprises’ where businesses run a variety of connected software applications and platforms. Instead of being hardwired into a closed system, Quire’s open connectivity helps our clients modernize their businesses to achieve greater agility, scalability, and revenue,” said Kelly Stratton, CEO of Quire.

For lenders and environmental consultants this partnership increases speed-to-market for customers of both RIMS and Quire and provides a much-needed value, improving the way environmental consultants and lenders collaborate.

About ExactBid

ExactBid combines the powers of two appraisal management software solutions to streamline complex due diligence processes for both residential and commercial real estate clients. RIMS software focuses on lenders’ due diligence needs, while Narrative1 specializes in time-saving solutions for real estate vendors. Using market leading software and years of experience in the residential and commercial industry, ExactBid empowers customers to improve their businesses.

About Quire

Quire is a cloud-based, technical report writing platform. Quire's collaborative work space, helps clients optimize the writing, tracking and management of all their report-writing projects, with powerful tools that increase productivity, improve consistency and reduce errors. By automating tedious processes and providing a centralized location for templates, reports and appendices, Quire streamlines your report writing process in ways other applications can't.

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