ExamSoft and LiveText Announce Partnership

Dallas, TX – ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc., the market leader in software for faculty to test, evaluate and improve student learning, and LiveText, the market leader of evidence based performance evaluation of student learning achievement, announced a strategic partnership to offer higher education institutions the most comprehensive outcomes-based assessment and reporting solution to demonstrate the institutional effectiveness expected for accreditation.

Demonstrating and reporting measurable and direct evidence of learning outcomes is a requirement by regional and national accreditation agencies. This new partnership enables institutions to let individual programs select from a wider variety of multiple direct measures to collect and report student learning to third parties, and more easily use data to improve their students’ outcomes. Institutions are no longer limited to either a performance-based model or a testing-only approach. Institutions can now blend these assessment models and collect data by student, course, program and at the institutional level, for a more comprehensive picture of student learning.

ExamSoft helps higher education institutions more efficiently and effectively administer embedded assessments (i.e. exams), measure specific learning outcomes, and generate real-time, personalized feedback for faculty and students. Exams may be delivered, with security, on student-owned devices (laptops and, soon, iPads), lab computers, and/or Scantron-type forms. Regardless of the chosen delivery method(s), all data is centrally stored and accessible through an intuitive user interface. Faculty can immediately view detailed results and analytics to improve remediation efforts, curricular tuning or test design. With the push of a button, faculty can share detailed feedback with each student – feedback which has proven to yield improved student remediation and retention. Clients have benefited from reduced dropout rates, improved student engagement, and higher exam scores.

LiveText enables colleges and universities to systematically collect data on programs’ and institutions’ learning achievement outcomes. With streamlined student, faculty, and administrator views, LiveText offers a broad range of capabilities for students to develop and submit work and for instructors to assess and provide immediate feedback. Administrators can then collect data on this teaching and learning process, report on it, and display evidence of continuous curriculum, program, and institutional improvement over time.

ExamSoft and LiveText plan to lighten the assessment-related workload so that faculty can use their time to more effectively communicate with students and provide the feedback needed to improve student learning. This will empower faculty and administrators to obtain greater insight into student, course, program and institutional performance. Institutions will be able to coordinate learning outcomes mapping, leverage both direct embedded assessment and traditional sampling assessment, and view key data through an integrated interface. ExamSoft and LiveText anticipate adding integration over time for the benefit of joint clients.

“We are committed to making the process of managing assessments far easier, so faculty and administrators can focus on teaching rather than reporting. For the past couple of years, our company has focused on making assessments learning opportunities for students, rather than simply accountability measures. We are excited about this partnership with LiveText, an outstanding long-term player in assessment, because we share a vision and offer a potentially transformative solution,” said David Schnabel, President of ExamSoft.

The staff of LiveText is equally pleased with the new relationship, and the many advantages it will bring clients of both companies.

“LiveText is committed to developing the solutions that our higher education partners need to meet the challenges of effectively assessing their students. We want the assessment process to be easy enough so that it is used extensively. It is that source of feedback students need to further improve their learning. It also provides the data that administrators need to show that their institutions are progressing. Our partnership with ExamSoft will further these goals. We look forward to a productive relationship and to better serving our learners, faculty, and administrators,” said Dr. Chris Kalmus, President of LiveText.

About LiveText

LiveText is a leading provider of campus-wide solutions for strategic planning and institutional effectiveness. LiveText develops the most comprehensive e-Portfolio, learning assessment, and accreditation management tools to allow for seamless integration, data collection and reporting to effectively measure outcomes-based learning goals and institutional objectives for continuous improvement. For over 13 years, LiveText has supported strong student and faculty communication and the analysis of longitudinal outcomes-based learning. For more information, visit or follow LiveText on Facebook or Twitter.

About ExamSoft

ExamSoft offers a market-leading exam management solution, which delivers powerful, actionable data to assess learning outcomes and improve student learning, engagement, and retention. Its software suite enables clients to more efficiently and practically administer exams and analyze resulting data to improve curricular design, test design, and accreditation compliance. ExamSoft has served hundreds of prominent academic, certification, and licensing institutions for more than 14 years and has successfully administered millions of exams. For more information, please visit or follow ExamSoft on Facebook and Twitter.

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