ExamSoft Announces New Education Technology Products to Deliver Unparalleled Secure Assessment Solutions

Dallas, TX - ExamSoft announces a new product lineup aimed to create a fair and secure testing environment for every student, teacher and institution. Through a combination of strategic partnerships and the recent acquisition of UK based Liftupp, the Dallas-based company is providing an education experience unlike anything available in the marketplace today.

ExamSoft's unique, comprehensive assessment software solution enables institutions and licensure certification clients to create, administer and analyze both formative and summative assessments. ExamSoft is announcing the launch of five innovative new products to complement and expand the existing assessment offering: ExamNow, an interactive audience response tool; ExamID, an exam taker authentication tool; ExamMonitor, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered remote proctoring tool backed by professional human review; ExamSCORE, an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) management application; and Map, a curriculum mapping solution.

"With the addition of these new assessment and exam security tools, ExamSoft now provides one, comprehensive solution allowing educators to manage all facets of the assessment process in one place," said Sebastian Vos, C.E.O. of ExamSoft.

The exam taker authentication and remote proctoring tools, coupled with the secure assessment platform of ExamSoft, opens the door to ensure the integrity in every educational format, including remote and online classes. Additionally, educators will now be able to conduct formative assessments in a live, interactive format that are tagged to key learning initiatives to help distinguish how well each student is comprehending specific topics, enabling them to identify and remediate students who are struggling before it's too late.

The new suite of ExamSoft products will free educators of unnecessary administrative work, allowing them to focus on improving teaching methods, curriculum and student learning outcomes. Educators will have access to robust reporting and analytics that enable them to make data-driven decisions and elevate the overall educational process.

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