Expert Institute Launches New Transcript Network

New York, NY - Expert Institute, a market-leading legal technology company providing expert legal services and software, is excited to introduce the Transcript Network, the latest addition to their cloud-based expert consulting and insights platform, Expert iQ.

The Transcript Network allows any plaintiff attorney or law firm to access and share expert depositions and trial transcripts, expert CVs, reports, affidavits, court exhibits, fillings, and more. The new tool also allows attorneys to store and manage existing court documents, collaborate with colleagues, and highlight and annotate text directly within the document viewer. Files are stored securely on Expert Institute’s cloud-based platform and are accessible from any device or location.

Based on a give-to-get model, plaintiff attorneys can upload transcripts from past cases to earn credits they can use to source other transcripts within the network. Each transcript added to the network is vetted before credits are awarded. Credits can then be used to access historical transcripts on retained or opposing experts. If all credits have been exhausted, additional credits are available for purchase.

“We believe this new tool will be a game-changer for our attorney clients,” said Neal Nemeroff, Senior Vice President of Content and Data Strategy. “The Transcript Network allows the leading plaintiff law firms to access and share crucial expert depositions and trial transcripts. With these records, attorneys will be able to evaluate an expert’s past testimony, prepare for upcoming court appearances, and make informed decisions in the best interests of their case.”

“The Transcript Network, along with our other recently released solutions, Expert Radar and Litigation Analytics, continues our commitment to providing attorneys with data-powered technology tools that give them a winning edge in the courtroom,” said Michael Talve, CEO and Managing Director of Expert Institute. “We’re thrilled to share this exclusive network with our plaintiff attorney community, and we look forward to the continued growth of this important expert deposition and transcript hub.”

To learn more about Expert iQ and the Transcript Network, please visit

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