Jan 2017

GoodRx and Triplefin Partner to Provide Co-Pay Assistance Programs to Consumers

GoodRx, America's #1 source for prescription prices and savings, and Triplefin, an industry leader in providing pharmaceutical hub services, including patient access and adherence solutions, today announced an innovative partnership to provide manufacturer prescription co-pay savings coupons to GoodRx's five million unique monthly visitors.

Access to prescription drugs is continually an issue for uninsured and underinsured Americans. This partnership provides pharmaceutical brand manufacturers with a premium and focused channel to reach cost-conscious consumers as they search for pricing information for branded medications. Consumers searching for certain branded products on GoodRx's website and mobile applications will find co-pay savings that may drastically reduce their out-of-pocket prescription medication costs. These manufacturers have collaborated with Triplefin to implement the industry-leading co-pay program, and increase consumer access.

"Branded medications are often associated with high out-of-pocket costs for consumers," said Doug Hirsch, co-founder and co-CEO of GoodRx. "With this new and innovative partnership, we are continuing our mission to make prescriptions more affordable for all Americans. We look forward to working with Triplefin to provide patients with the information they need to make better choices when it comes to their healthcare. Innovative programs like these are effective antidotes to the challenges of both prescription abandonment and poor adherence to medication therapy, challenges that have a negative impact on patient health outcomes."

Additionally, consumers can instantly verify eligibility for these cost-savings programs on the GoodRx website or mobile applications. Eligible consumers will find a co-pay savings coupon, with the option to print, email or text the coupon to themselves, or save it within their mobile applications; these coupons are subsequently presented to the consumers' local pharmacy for redemption.

"This solution offers a differentiated venue for patients to learn more about their therapy, compare prices and offset prescriptions costs through unique offers," said Robert Appleby, president, H. D. Smith Specialty Solutions. "This partnership furthers Triplefin's mission to help patients obtain crucial medications, and remain adherent to their prescribed therapy that leads to overall improved health. The partnership not only accomplishes Triplefin goals, but also links with the strategic intent of our parent company, H. D. Smith. We are continuously seeking new and progressive ways to provide access to therapy, and this partnership is one example of our innovation. We look forward to collaborating with GoodRx and launching additional patient affordability solutions into the market."

About GoodRx

Many consumers do not realize that drug prices vary greatly from pharmacy to pharmacy, even within the same neighborhood; GoodRx wants to change that. America's #1 source for prescription prices and savings, the company gathers the most up-to-date prices, co-pays and discounts on medications from nearly every pharmacy in the country and provides this data through its easy-to-use mobile app and website. Founded in 2011, GoodRx saves all Americans -- the uninsured, underinsured and insured -- over 80 percent on their prescriptions by helping them make more informed purchasing decisions. For further information and to download the free, top-ranked medical app, visit www.GoodRx.com.

About Triplefin

A market leader in patient support for more than 30 years, Triplefin delivers comprehensive hub services that improve patient access and adherence, including its patent-pending Rx365® suite of digital solutions. Triplefin's programs help thousands of patients with serious diseases, offering hope and improved well-being. Its associates are dedicated to providing an empathetic, caring experience throughout a patient's journey. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Triplefin is a company of H. D. Smith, and serves as a vital piece of H. D. Smith's offerings that span the entire healthcare supply chain. For more information, visit www.triplefin.com or www.hdsmith.com.