Apr 2018

GoodRx's Iodine.com Wins the Webby for Best Health Website

At GoodRx, we strive to help Americans find the lowest prices on their prescriptions. And our partner website, Iodine.com, aims to help Americans learn what to expect from medications, gathering real experience from thousands of real people, and combining that with expert guidance from pharmacists and the FDA.

Today, we’re thrilled to share the news that Iodine has won the Webby Award for Best Health Website.

This means a lot to us, not just because it’s a cool award. It also underscores how essential it is for people to know the real deal about the medicine they’re taking, from the cost to the side effects, and how important everyone’s experience is in taking their medicine.

What’s on Iodine? Some highlights include:

  • Real-life reviews of drugs from more than 100,000 Americans
  • Expert content written by pharmacists and doctors in clear, human language
  • Simple charts of what to expect over time, including side effects, based on research and FDA data
  • Comparisons of different drugs, so you can understand your options at a glance
  • Personalized tips on pregnancy, birth control options, alcohol, and food issues
  • It’s all online, all free, and easy to read and navigate. We think Iodine is a great complement to the pricing information that GoodRx offers (and you’ll find GoodRx prices and discounts on Iodine, too).

It’s a great honor to win this honor. We’ll put the award right next to the Webby that GoodRx won in 2012!