Interbank FX Provides Access to Multiple Bank Liquidity Partners

Interbank FX, a leading provider of online foreign currency (forex) trading, reveals its unique multi-bank order routing system, which provides access to liquidity and automatically executes trades with five of the world's largest financial institutions, including Bank of America, Barclays Capital, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs.

"By obtaining competitive bids for order flow on our proprietary multi-bank feed, IBFX customers achieve optimal pricing and execution, faster processing times and increased liquidity on every trade, with just one click of the mouse," said company president and CEO Todd Crosland.

The advantages of trading with agency-based Interbank FX as compared to a single market maker platform, or 'Dealing Desk,' include:

  • Tighter spreads (as low as two pips)
  • 100% automatic execution
  • No market manipulation
  • Competitive pricing derived from leading money center banks
  • Anonymous order execution
  • Smart routing to leading banks

Interbank FX's unique platform enables both retail and institutional customers alike to trade forex without the hidden obstacles or potential conflicts of interest of a dealing desk broker. Because IBFX currency prices are derived from its financial institution liquidity providers, its price feed most accurately reflects the natural movements of the interbank FX market. In addition, Interbank FX trading profits are generated exclusively on its markup to institutional prices, and never from a dealing desk trading against customer positions.

IBFX is the only forex trading platform where company interests are squarely aligned with those of its customers. "Our long-term success is directly tied to the success of our customers," said Crosland. "I invite traders to put the 'IBFX difference' to the test and find out what separates us from the rest of the pack."

Interbank FX's multi-bank liquidity feed is available on both live and demo accounts at

Interbank FX was recently honored by Shares Magazine as the #1 Foreign Exchange Broker for 2007.

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