Leading UK Merchants & Card Issuers Attend Ethoca’s Working Group

On October 30th, Ethoca welcomed ecommerce merchants and card issuers to its Autumn 2014 EMEA Working Group Meeting in London.

This event is the only one of its kind in the industry that gives merchants and card issuers a seat at the same table to discuss the biggest challenges in ecommerce. And it goes far beyond discussion and conversation. Working together with Ethoca, this invitation-only group gets down to the business of defining new solutions that leverage the collaborative power of Ethoca’s global network.

During this session, the group addressed growing problems like friendly fraud, high authorisation declines, high merchant false positive rates, 6012 fraud and many others. The outcome will be a series of pilot programs that prove out solutions that work – solutions that benefit both card issuers and merchants in equal measure.

How do you take part? Simple. Join Ethoca’s growing network and get access to other card issuers and merchants working together to reduce fraud losses, eliminate chargebacks and increase acceptance.

Ethoca is making ecommerce simply about commerce. And through unique forums like our Working Groups, you can experience the benefits of collaboration that works.

Pictured Below: Merchant Attendees: Hailo, Betfair, Virgin Airlines and Skype. Card Issuer Attendees: Vanquis, Barclays, Barclaycard, Santander and TSB. From Ethoca: Jamie Byles, Mark Johnson, Mike Healey and Shelley Palmer.

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