MedHOK’s Software Platform Selected by Fresenius Health Partners

Tampa, FL – MedHOK®, a pioneering software platform for health plans and other risk-bearing entities participating in government-sponsored programs, announced today that Fresenius Health Partners, a company offering comprehensive health care solutions to patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD), has selected MedHOK’s platform to streamline care management for patients with ESRD and Medicare Advantage Chronic Condition Special Needs Plans (C-SNP).

Fresenius Health Partners works with a wide variety of risk-bearing entities, including Medicare Advantage plans and Accountable Care Organizations, to improve clinical outcomes, enhance quality measures, and reduce costs for patients with ESRD and chronic kidney disease.

“The challenges facing our ESRD patients are daunting, and MedHOK’s integrated solution will play an integral role in our ability to effectively coordinate the multiple facets of their care,” said Dan Geary, Senior Vice-President of Health Services of Fresenius Health Partners. “Our opportunity to coordinate our patients’ life sustaining care and improve the day-to-day quality of their lives will be significantly enhanced using the MedHOK integrated platform.”

The MedHOK software platform is comprised of fully integrated modules in the core areas of Risk, Care, and Quality, leveraging member data across both major medical and pharmacy, and enabling payers to manage revenue and costs across the healthcare enterprise in a compliant fashion. The MedHOK platform comes pre-configured with state and federal regulations, structured workflows, and analytics across all modules, breaking down the silos typically associated with member care and expense management. Fresenius will be implementing the entire platform for a seamless, end-to-end solution.

“MedHOK’s member-centric approach shifts the focus from simply reporting quality measures to actually influencing results for a targeted population,” said Anil Kottoor, CEO of MedHOK. “As the healthcare accountability model continues to evolve, MedHOK is at the forefront of technology solutions, helping healthcare companies such as Fresenius meet strict compliance and clinical management requirements in order to succeed in the new value-based healthcare environment.”

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