Jun 2019

PicMonkey Launches Real-Time Collaboration Features

Seattle, WA - PicMonkey, a leading cloud-based image editing and design platform that helps people create high-impact visuals to promote their brand and business, today announced the immediate availability of real-time collaboration features in its product. For the first time ever, subscribers can now create shared workspaces and invite others to co-design simultaneously, thereby boosting productivity and design quality.

To understand the role of collaboration in the growth economy, PicMonkey commissioned a survey of solopreneurs and small businesses. More than two thirds (69%) of respondents report that they regularly rely on their networks for advice with vision and goal-setting, marketing and promotional work, and even assistance with admin tasks. 85% of respondents report that their collaboration networks are important or very important to the success of their business.

“In addition to the survey findings, we know that working together and working more efficiently are also top priorities for our customers,” said PicMonkey CEO Frits Habermann. “It’s because the velocity of content creation has accelerated due to the explosion in social media, both for marketing and commerce. That’s why we’re delighted to launch real-time collaboration in PicMonkey — think: Google Docs for design and image editing.”

PicMonkey’s collaboration features empower people to quickly access, edit, and comment simultaneously on shared files—all in one central location—eliminating the traditional pain, cost, and added steps of using multiple applications to design, provide feedback, and store files.

“I work with a really creative team of marketers, and we've come to realize that our ideas only get bigger and better when we collaborate,” said Charity Hestead, senior digital marketing manager at Seattle Chocolate Company. “We move really quickly, so being able to share feedback and work directly in PicMonkey’s Shared Spaces is a huge time saver. We create social assets, email designs, even signage for our store, and PicMonkey is helping us to collaborate smarter.”

To use PicMonkey’s new collaboration features, subscribers simply visit Hub, the platform’s cloud-based storage, where they will see a new “Shared” section underneath their private files. Once the user creates a new “Shared Space” and adds images to it, they can invite others to join via email or via a unique link, while also assigning various levels of permission to collaborators. Multiple users can then design together in the PicMonkey editor, organize shared files into additional Shared Spaces, leave comments for each other, and enjoy unlimited storage of their image files.

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