RCN Introduces 110Mbps to Lehigh Valley

Princeton, NJ - RCN, an industry-leading provider of high-speed Internet, digital TV and phone services, proudly announces that it has introduced faster Internet service speeds across its Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, network. The new speeds offer 110/15 Megabits per second (Mbps) download/upload, which is more than four times the rates of other competitive service offerings in the region.

While surfing today’s Internet, users routinely encounter high-definition movies, video, video games and other large files to download and stream. Similarly, video uploads to popular social media and Over the Top (OTT) sites like Facebook, YouTube, Skype and others require higher bandwidth capacity than ever before. Users look to Internet Service Providers to deliver bandwidth levels that allow them to enjoy content uninterrupted by buffering, stalled content or latency delays of any kind.

“RCN customers require super fast Internet service in order to access gaming, content and interactive applications available today,” states Sanford Ames, Vice President and General Manager of RCN Lehigh Valley. “We continue to push advancements to our client base in Lehigh Valley and strive to outpace the speeds offered by our competition.”

“RCN has made a commitment to our customers to always stay ahead of the curve with regard to technology,” confirms RCN COO Chris Fenger. “Our team members are users themselves, and we recognize the benefits of fast Internet speeds to households that simultaneously do homework, research business projects, collaboratively game across the world and communicate with family members in distant locations. Faster Internet helps to redefine life through all the ways we now live connected in some way. This motivates RCN to provide an excellent user experience, and that’s what these new faster speeds are delivering for our Lehigh Valley customers today.”

RCN has been recognized by Netflix, YouTube and PCMagazine readers in regards to exceeding user expectations for fast and reliable Internet service. The 110/15 speeds will allow users in Lehigh Valley to download a 1GB file in just one minute and more quickly upload large video files, photos, presentations and other data files.

The new 110/15Mbps tier offers a strong value, starting at $49.99 per month for new customers, with no long-term contracts and a three-year price assurance. This new Internet speed tier is available immediately, and customers can enjoy this benefit when they sign up with RCN. Additional information about the 110Mbps Internet service and other RCN products can be found at or by calling 1-800-RING-RCN.

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