Revolutionary App to Transform the Way Students Use iPads

Dallas, TX - ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc., a technology leader that helps schools more efficiently create, administer, and analyze exams and other direct student assessments, will introduce its new offline testing application, SofTest-M, in a live webcast at 10 a.m. CT on April 2.

The first secure, offline exam delivery application for the iPad, SofTest-M restricts access to applications and blocks the Internet during an exam. The application eliminates connectivity and reliability issues often associated with traditional solutions, which are dependent on network connectivity during exams. SofTest-M provides flexible exam delivery to transform the way students take exams.

On April 2, ExamSoft President David Schnabel will provide an inside look at the application’s key features and discuss details from a recent study of the product. He will be joined by Eric Ermie, program manager for testing and evaluation at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, who will share feedback from his faculty and student users, and address Q&A resulting from the study.

About SofTest-M

According to research by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, more than 25 percent of students own iPads. These devices are transforming the educational environment and sitting on the leading edge of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, which enables students and faculty to use their own technology in the classroom. By combining the security and reliability of ExamSoft with the convenience and usability of iPad, SofTest-M opens the door to a new testing experience for students and faculty, while embracing the flexibility of BYOD. For more information about ExamSoft’s iPad application, visit

About ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc.

ExamSoft offers a market-leading exam management and performance assessment solution, which delivers powerful, actionable data to assess learning outcomes and improve student learning, engagement, and retention. Its software suite enables clients to more efficiently and practically administer exams or direct assessments and analyze resulting data to improve curricular design, test design, and accreditation compliance. ExamSoft has served hundreds of prominent academic, certification, and licensing institutions for more than 14 years and has successfully administered millions of exams. For more information, please visit, or follow ExamSoft on Facebook and Twitter.

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