Straumann Group Taps Digital Marketing Institute to Drive Digital Marketing Transformation

Dallas, TX — To address the global shift in consumer buying behavior and how information is accessed online, Switzerland-based Straumann Group, a total solution provider in esthetic dentistry, embarked on a transformational learning campaign with the help of Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), the global standard in digital marketing professional learning and certification.

The goal of the learning campaign was to digitize the marketing organization as the underpinning of one of Straumann’s strategic priorities to offer industry-leading digital experiences to their customers. Through DMI’s digital marketing coursework, Straumann was able to develop the marketing skill set of its workforce and execute an integrated omnichannel digital strategy, while cultivating a digital mindset throughout the organization.

“The market for solutions in esthetic dentistry is highly competitive. It is therefore key that we run 360 degrees and fully integrated digital marketing campaigns covering the needs of the discerning customer,” said Dominik Schneider, Director of Digital and Content Marketing at Straumann. “By certifying our workforce in digital marketing with DMI, we are strongly differentiating our brand from competitors and gaining the ‘first mover’ advantage.”

DMI began the Straumann program with a series of intensive and high-level workshops across a number of key digital areas like search, social and mobile marketing, as well as strategy and planning. From there, 80 marketers enrolled in training and certification programs that addressed individual skills gaps and provided structured and intensive ongoing marketing support.

“Straumann had begun to nurture a mindset of digital transformation, but prior training efforts on digital tools and platforms had limited impact,” said Ken Fitzpatrick, CEO of Digital Marketing Institute. “Consequently, Straumann decided employees needed a proven digital learning program to transform and empower its workforce with a higher level of digital knowledge and mindset. We are pleased to provide superior on- and offline marketing and sales training, fulfilling Straumann’s need to establish a consistent skillset across the organization, providing the company with a greater competitive advantage.”

Straumann chose to collaborate with DMI because of its industry-validated digital certification and deep experience delivering sales and marketing training programs to global organizations. Straumann’s digital learners are located across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, and more than 60 have already earned DMI’s Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, with more than 20 earning DMI’s Specialist Diploma.

Schneider concluded, “Our collaboration with DMI is very fruitful, and their openness and ability to react with a program suited to the individual needs of Straumann is vital. DMI brought exceptional market expertise, and made the professional course work a lot of fun. We gained a lot, and everyone at Straumann is very much looking forward to the organization’s future digital journey.”

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