Jun 2019

Definitive Healthcare Releases Results of 2019 Outpatient Trends Survey

Definitive Healthcare, the leading provider of data, intelligence, and analytics on the healthcare provider market, today released results from its 2019 Outpatient Trends Survey. In this survey, Definitive Healthcare polled nearly 200 healthcare leaders across the provider, biotechnology, life sciences, financial services, IT, insurance, consulting, staffing, and facilities services verticals to determine the biggest advantages and challenges associated with outpatient care. Here are the results:

Biggest Advantages of Outpatient Care

  • Lower costs (36.7%)
  • Easier/more convenient recovery (28.7%)
  • Lower Hospital-Acquired Condition (HAC) risks (16.7%)
  • Improved continuum of care (15.9%)
  • Other (2%)

Reasons for Outpatient Growth

  • New Technologies (37.3%)
  • Rise of Consumerism (31.6%)
  • Increase in ASC Medicare reimbursement (15.3%)
  • Streamlined patient technology (14.1%)
  • Other (1.6%)

Outpatient Care Challenges

  • Implementing and investing in new technologies (35.8%)
  • Understanding industry consolidation (28.5%)
  • Staffing outpatient facilities (16.2%)
  • Attracting new patients (13.1%)
  • Other (6.5%)

For in-depth analysis and visuals related to this survey, please view Definitive Healthcare’s survey report here: https://www.definitivehc.com/resources/definitive-lists/report-outpatient-trends-survey

“In Definitive Healthcare’s 2019 Healthcare Trends Survey, new technologies and industry consolidation were established to be top-of-mind for healthcare professionals, and this ostensibly stretches into the outpatient market as well,” said Jason Krantz, CEO of Definitive Healthcare. “Our data shows that outpatient care is the fastest growing segment in the market, and we primarily attribute that growth to advancements in medical technologies, patient preferences, and financial incentives. At Definitive Healthcare, we are dedicated to helping our users understand the fast-growing and rapidly-changing healthcare market, and these survey results align with the outpatient trends that we track on a daily basis.”

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