Ethoca and Kount Integrate Their Product Offerings

Ethoca, the industry standard for collaboration-based technology solutions that help card issuers and online merchants increase card acceptance and stop ecommerce fraud and disputes, and Kount, a leading provider of fraud detection and sales boosting technology, have today announced the full integration of Ethoca Alerts into Kount Complete™, the leading cloud-based fraud detection solution.

This effort marks the next logical step in Kount’s and Ethoca’s vision to help its joint merchant customers safely increase ecommerce acceptance, while eliminating the damaging, costly impact of fraud and chargebacks. As a fully integrated component of Kount Complete, merchants do not have to carry out any additional integration on their part – Ethoca Alerts is immediately available from day one.

Through this powerful integration, merchants now have an automated, all-in-one fraud prevention solution that combines Kount’s powerful, multi-dimensional fraud tools with Ethoca’s notification of confirmed fraud that occurs immediately after authorization or settlement. With these complementary services now available through a single platform, merchants enjoy a more seamless, efficient experience, reduced manual effort, and an improved ability to stop related active orders that they may otherwise have fulfilled, as well as future fraudulent transactions.

Ethoca Alerts is powered by the industry’s largest global card issuer and merchant collaboration network. It gives merchants an early warning on confirmed fraud and customer dispute transactions, allowing them to immediately resolve cardholder complaints before they reach the costly chargeback stage. Merchants on the network receive alerts as soon as cardholders confirm fraud with their bank – not weeks later through the slow, costly chargeback process. This immediate notification provides the window of time merchants need to stop the fulfillment of goods and services, as well as eliminate the impending chargeback by issuing a refund to the cardholder.

The result is that joint Kount-Ethoca merchants can now better focus on increasing overall acceptance levels to boost revenue, while having the peace of mind that comes with Ethoca’s extra layer of protection that catches fraud post authorization and/or settlement. Ultimately, merchants will be able to accept more good orders and avoid turning away good customers – all without a significant increase in fraud losses or chargebacks.

“Through this integration, joint Kount and Ethoca merchant customers will now be able to take their fraud and chargeback fighting arsenal to the next level,” said Keith Briscoe, Chief Marketing Officer at Ethoca. “At Ethoca, we believe that ecommerce should be simply about commerce – and that means taking more fraud and chargebacks out of the system to ultimately increase overall acceptance. Kount shares that vision and our technologies go hand in hand so we can help merchants make it a reality.”

“It makes perfect sense to work with Ethoca,” said Rich Stuppy, COO at Kount. “Ethoca Alerts is giving Kount’s merchants more confidence and more protection, not just against confirmed fraud but against the effects of chargeback processing costs and recovering fraud losses. We have been working closely with Ethoca over the last year and they have taken part in our Fraud 360 Tour, and will be part of our upcoming Fraud Summit. We are pleased to take our relationship to the logical next step and fully integrate Ethoca into the Kount platform.”

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