Fast Company: From Mental Health to Hormone Therapy, These 4 Brands are Reshaping Health and Wellness

Fast Company

The past two years have been a critical time for physical and mental health and wellness, presenting copious challenges but also innovative solutions from brands. Mental health, in particular, has emerged as a pressing issue. Valera Medical brought its virtual behavioral health services to a growing network of over 450 healthcare providers in the last year. Other leaders, like the Headspace app, have expanded and personalized their offerings to serve people at work, at home, at school, and more.

Physical health is still crucial, though. With hearing loss becoming an increasing issue, Mimi Hearing Technologies initiated a complete relaunch to better serve not only hearing health but wellness with its technologies and offerings. But for some, access to healthcare is fraught with barriers––and faces potential legislative restrictions. Plume, a health tech company, stepped in to provide care specifically for the transgender community and raise funds for gender-affirming care.

By pairing necessary services with thoughtful branding, these companies helped drive improve quality and access in healthcare.


Child and adolescent mental health have reached a crisis point, according to the U.S. Surgeon General in 2021. Valera Health leapt into action with its virtual behavioral health services, completing 100,000 clinical visits and growing its network of healthcare providers to over 450 in the past year. The result: over 70% depression improvement outcomes across the population, according to their measurements. Valera provides affordable, accessible care to patients of all ages with a wide spectrum of mental health issues, from anxiety and depression to schizophrenia, and accepts patients with commercial, Medicare and Medicaid insurance.


Headspace, a meditation and mindfulness app, reaches more than 75 million people in 190 countries with tools to manage and improve stress, sleep, and focus, backed by clinically-validated research. The app has been shown to reduce stress by 14% after 10 days of use and burnout by 14% after four sessions. In 2021, Headspace merged with Ginger, a leader in on-demand mental healthcare, to form Headspace Health. Approachability undergirds the brand. For instance, its “Love Yourself Like a Legend ” campaign with John Legend for Super Bowl LVI was timed for Valentine’s Day and promoted self-care. Headspace tailors its programs for specific brand audiences, with Headspace for Teens, for Educators, and for Work.


Audio consumption is up, but so is hearing loss––making hearing health an ever-urgent priority. Mimi Hearing Technologies holds a unique position as both a hearing health and wellness band. It offers solutions for everyone, with products and services ranging from audio chips and hearing testing, while also integrating its audio optimization technology for consumer brands. The company redesigned and relaunched its brand over the past 12 months, emphasizing wellbeing. Mimi has also successfully partnered with brands like Philips, Skullcandy, Cleer Audio, and more, bringing personalized sound technology to more listeners.


Plume is a health tech company built specifically for the transgender community, bringing holistic gender-affirming care to 37 states. The company offers a subscription that includes access to personal consultations, lab monitoring, and letters of support, as well as home delivery of medications (for an additional cost). Plume has also partnered with organizations like Point of Pride and #YourAreEssential to raise funds for the HRT Access Fund, bringing in more than $120,000 to provide free gender-affirming care for people who cannot afford it. Beyond its healthcare offerings, Plume’s webinars and social media focus on sharing information about estrogen and testosterone hormone education, fertility, holistic care, and more, while uplifting the transgender community.

Article written by Sarah Lynch, Fast Company.

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