GoodRx Now Saves Americans $20 Million Every Day – Here’s What’s Next


By GoodRx Co-founder and CEO Doug Hirsch

Last March, we ran the numbers and found that GoodRx had helped Americans save over $10 billion on prescriptions since we got started. We were so excited we even made pins. (You’ll often catch me showing off my “$10B” pin on my morning walk to work.)

Today, I’m proud to announce that just 7 months later, Americans have saved another $5 billion with GoodRx, for a total of $15 billion in healthcare savings since we started. Every day, Americans save over $20 million using our mobile apps, website, and discount cards.

That money isn’t just a vanity metric. It represents real relief for millions of Americans, meaning families can pay rent, keep food on the table, and meet their financial goals with less hardship. I like to think we’ve helped thousands of American families avoid painful decisions and unnecessary risks of not filling medications or skipping doses to make a prescription last longer.

In a recent survey of more than 1,000 Americans (not just people who use GoodRx), we found that 45% had cut corners to afford their medications, from rationing their medicine, delaying a refill, or deciding altogether to not take their medication anymore. This is a staggering finding; regardless of your political views, this is unacceptable. This is the problem with healthcare in the U.S. today, and we’re glad to be doing something about it.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the 9 plus years of our GoodRx journey, it’s that we can always do more. Working with America’s pharmacies, we’ve found many ways for people to save, but many prescriptions—especially very expensive, brand-name medications—remain out of reach for too many. We’ve begun to roll out solutions to reduce the cost of hundreds of brand drugs, and we’ve got more news to come (stay tuned!).

On a more personal level, we’re not waiting for America to fix its broken healthcare system. Our team provides support whenever we see an opportunity. Here are some examples of how we help:

  • Our Patient Advocacy team assists hundreds of Americans every day—regardless of whether they use GoodRx or not—to find the best savings options for their medications.
  • We offer free services for people impacted by disasters and workers impacted by strikes or government action.
  • We’re providing scholarships to pharmacists and pharmacy techs across the nation.
  • We’re giving financial assistance to select families who have nowhere else to turn.
  • We’re delivering free groceries and household supplies to families in Los Angeles, where we’re based. Expect to see more of these efforts in the future.

In addition, we’ve turned our attention to an even greater problem: affordable and accessible medical care for all. We thought fixing the pharmacy experience would be hard, but helping Americans save on medical care is especially thorny.

We believe Americans need better, faster and more affordable access to medical professionals. We also believe that America’s medical professionals are overburdened with administrative paperwork and reimbursement challenges, and they are too often under-compensated for the incredible services they provide.

We believe the rise of telemedicine will make visits with healthcare providers faster, better, and less expensive. We’re excited about new technologies that make medical care more accessible when people need it. And we’re hopeful that savings opportunities can be found along the way, so that Americans can better understand what their care should cost and find affordable ways to get care.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone that supports us and works with us, including you. This is a mission we can’t complete without help, and your support means the world to us. So…thanks!

Ok, back to work!

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