GTM Leaders Gather for Spectrum’s Sales & Marketing Summit

A winning go-to-market strategy hinges on close collaboration between sales and marketing teams. This partnership is so important that we made it the focus of our first ever combined Sales & Marketing Summit and brought together CMOs, CROs, and VPs of Sales, Marketing and Customer Success across our portfolio of high growth software and data services companies.

While our portfolio companies vary widely in terms of end market focus and customer type, their sales and marketing leaders grapple with similar questions about building cross-departmental alignment, developing successful GTM motions and managing high performing teams, particularly in today’s current macroeconomic environment when everyone is being challenged to do more with less. Having an informal network of peers to turn to for advice can be incredibly helpful, especially when navigating complex growth stage challenges. This informal network is also among the most valued aspects of our Spectrum Equity platform and one we spend a great deal of time cultivating throughout the year and through additional events, including our CEO, CTO and Leadership Summits.

One of the most important takeaways from our summit is that when budgets are under pressure across the board, a strong sales and marketing alliance can drive many efficiencies, helping both teams succeed.

During this year's Summit, executives from the broader Spectrum Equity network as well as leaders from our portfolio offered strategic and tactical insights on running effective sales and marketing teams.

Portfolio Company Panelists

Topics and speakers included:

Making TAM Actionable: Market Size, Segmentation, & Scoring
Moderator: Emily Fox, Spectrum Equity
David Ballas, VP, Sales, Empyrean Solutions
Stephen D’Angelo, Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Experimentation & Evolution: Emerging Trends in GTM, Including the Use of AI
Moderator: Annaliesa Routh, Spectrum Equity
Zack Cable, Chief Revenue Officer,
Ashley Grech, Chief Revenue Officer, Xero Inc; Spreedly Board Member
Taylor Safford, Chief Revenue Officer, Netcraft

Conversation with Joe Mirisola, Former Chief Revenue Officer at Definitive Healthcare
Moderator: Jeff Haywood, Spectrum Equity

Becoming the “GM” of Marketing
Moderator: Dan Kimball, Spectrum Equity
Kelly Gillease, Spectrum Equity Advisor
Pete Jensen, Spectrum Equity
Carly Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, AllTrails

Best Foot Forward: Positioning, Product & Pricing Decisions That Help You Convert
Moderator: Emily Calkins, Spectrum Equity
Kurt Apen, Chief Marketing Officer,
Jason Lyman, Chief Marketing Officer,
Tara Robertson, Chief Marketing Officer, Bitly

Conversation with Stacey Epstein, Former Chief Marketing Officer at Freshworks, ServiceMax
Moderator: Dan Kimball, Spectrum Equity

Datassential Sales & Marketing Case Study
Jim Emling, CEO
Stacie Levy, Chief Marketing Officer
Tim Chilson, Chief Sales Officer

Market and Sell Products Your Customers Want
Bob Moesta, CEO, Founder, The Re-Wired Group

We are grateful to all the sales and marketing leaders who travelled from near and far to be with us this year, and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

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