Interview with CEO Michael Talve and Lawdragon on New Brand and Software Tool

Michael Talve, founder and CEO of Expert Institute, is steering his company into 2020 with a fresh stance. Talve, who has led the New York-based firm in providing custom expert recruiting to law firm clients for close to a decade, has recently unveiled a newly redesigned website and a nearly new name – adopting Expert Institute over their previous moniker, The Expert Institute.

Armed with their new aesthetic and just-announced release of Expert Institute’s first software solution, Talve also stands poised to further the company’s status as the leading full-service legal consultancy. “Expert Institute’s distinct advantage is our technology,” says Talve, whose leadership has consistently pointed the company towards data-driven, tech-forward growth. This is most evident in the upcoming release of Expert iQ, a proprietary expert management platform that enables attorneys to manage their expert witness casework, schedule conference calls, and communicate directly with experts. Under Talve’s guiding eye, Expert Institute sits in an exciting position to lead the industry towards an algorithmic, high-touch future of expert consultation.

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