Lucid Announces Enhanced Asynchronous Collaboration through Partnership with Loom

South Jordan, UT - Lucid Software, a leading provider of visual collaboration software, today announced a new partnership with Loom, a video communication platform, to provide enhanced asynchronous collaboration experiences across Lucid products.

As part of this partnership, Lucid has introduced a new integration that allows both Lucidspark and Lucidchart users to embed, play and create Loom video recordings directly in Lucid documents. Whether organizing ideas in Lucidspark's virtual whiteboard or documenting complex processes with Lucidchart's intelligent diagrams, the addition of video recordings better enables team members to asynchronously and easily share context around project plans within the shared visual space.

"For today's hybrid work environment and distributed teams, effective asynchronous collaboration is becoming absolutely critical to best work together at scale," said Dan Lawyer, Chief Product Officer at Lucid. "We're excited to bring Loom's video capabilities to Lucid's products to better empower our mutual users to see and build the future faster than ever as they achieve greater clarity and alignment right within their Lucid documents."

By making asynchronous video communication more readily available through this integration, both Lucidchart and Lucidspark documents can act as a visual record for any size project. This creates a single source of truth without the need for additional meetings, emails, documents or other resources to get everyone on the same page.

"This new integration with Lucid is a key step in achieving our vision of empowering effective communication wherever work happens," said Justin Reidy, Director of Product Management at Loom. "By combining visual collaboration with asynchronous video, we're making scalable collaboration easier than ever to help our users stay connected and aligned."

This partnership with Loom builds upon Lucid's extensive product integrations, accelerating and improving collaboration by bringing the power of the full Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite to users' existing workflows. With the integration available in both Lucidspark and Lucidchart, teams can leverage asynchronous video to improve engagement and alignment from initial idea to action plans.

Get started using the Loom integration by leveraging templates in both Lucidchart and Lucidspark. Learn more about the Loom partnership here.

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