PWNHealth Merges with EverlyWell to Create Everly Health, Leads the Rapid Transformation of Consumer Diagnostic Testing


When we partnered with CEO Sanjay Pingle and PWNHealth in mid-2020, we believed that the diagnostic testing landscape was experiencing a fundamental shift and that the COVID-19 pandemic could potentially accelerate the transformation of the category significantly. As a part of this evolution, we are now pleased to announce that PWNHealth has joined forces with Everlywell and Home Access Health to create Everly Health. PWNHealth has supported Everlywell as a partner for both clinical oversight and telehealth since 2016. Together, the companies support more than 20 million consumers annually across all 50 U.S. states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Since our investment, PWNHealth has continued to establish customer relationships with leading players across the diagnostic and testing ecosystem as well as to support the country’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts across testing and more recently, vaccination. PWNHealth has also continued to expand its offering to health plans, especially in addressing gaps-in-care testing for Medicare Advantage plans, including their recent acquisition of Home Access Health, which now will also become a part of Everly Health.

Our blog post shared at the time of our investment in PWNHealth outlined our thesis of how PWNHealth’s critical contributions have progressed the consumerization of healthcare within diagnostic testing. Everly Health is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this trend by combining PWNHealth’s telehealth network and lab connectivity with Everlywell’s at-home diagnostic testing capabilities and digital experience. Together, Everly Health provides a comprehensive care platform across the entire diagnostic testing continuum that provides a distinctive offering to consumers, labs, health plans and all other constituents in the ecosystem. Most importantly, Everly Health will provide better care to more patients, leading to the prevention, early detection, education, and management of diseases, especially in under-served or at-risk populations, across numerous care environments, all while maintaining a strong commitment to data privacy and clinician independence.

Thank you to Sanjay Pingle for your leadership at PWNHealth and visionary mindset. Sanjay’s deep healthcare operational experience will support the integration process of the three companies, positioning Everly Health for sustained growth in a large and evolving market. We are certain Sanjay will provide strategic insights as a member of the Everly Health board, and he will be joined by Jeff Haywood, Managing Director of Spectrum Equity, as a board observer.

We are very excited to partner with CEO Julia Cheek to support Everly Health moving forward as shareholders in the combined company that now employs more than 500 people and services more than 350 clients. Everly Health will play a critical role in the diagnostic testing and digital health landscape moving forward, and we are thrilled to be a part of the company’s growth journey.

If you’d like to learn more about the company, read the press release about the combination of PWNHealth and Everlywell.

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