Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2019

We are pleased to announce The Software Report’s third annual Top 50 SaaS CEOs awards. In 2019, we received an astounding number of nomination submissions that provided meaningful insight into the inner workings of some of today’s most successful SaaS companies. We read through every last bit of commentary submitted on behalf of each nominated CEO to form the most accurate picture we could of the individual's leadership qualities. In many cases, we were genuinely moved by what we read. Some CEOs are almost super human in their ability to execute in business - to communicate an inspiring vision, to design an effective corporate strategy and to consistently achieve performance targets, all while ensuring each and every employee knows s/he truly matters to the organization.

The 50 CEOs named to this year’s list are exceptional for many reasons, however, we honed in most closely on the following attributes – integrity, intellect, drive, emotional intelligence, organizational culture and operational skill. While it was very challenging to assign a ranking since each CEO was deserving of the utmost recognition, we were able to rely on the quality and consistency in the commentary submitted on behalf of the candidates. We also separated the awardees into two equal categories based on the size of their organization thinking the CEOs were more comparable to each other within each category versus taken as a whole. For CEOs managing organizations exceeding 500 to 1,000 employees, we termed them “Masters of Scale”. And for those at the helm of companies up to 500 employees, we termed them “Growth Leaders”.

Please join us in congratulating The Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2019.

Mark Josephson, CEO of Bitly, a Spectrum-Equity backed portfolio company, was named to the prestigious list recognizing top leaders of SaaS companies.

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