Redbrick Acquires Animoto, Cloud-based Video Creation Platform

Victoria, British Columbia - Redbrick announces its acquisition of Animoto, an easy-to-use video creation software that allows users to make and share professional video content.

Animoto’s patented Cinematic AI technology makes it easy for anyone to turn photos, screen recordings, and short clips into powerful, professional videos. Over the last 16 years, Animoto has helped businesses, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts create videos through intuitive drag-and-drop software. The platform supports over 70,000 customers and millions of users breaking into video marketing and forging brand connections through engaging high-quality content.

"By acquiring Animoto, we're making Redbrick's portfolio stronger and more diverse," said Tobyn Sowden, CEO of Redbrick. "This acquisition means we've reached $100M in annualized revenue and 200 team members. Animoto's role in Redbrick is really important as it allows digital entrepreneurs to tap into the power of video which is the fastest-growing way to reach people online."

Redbrick set its sights on a $100M revenue goal back in 2019. With the addition of Animoto, the Canadian tech company will be surpassing that achievement and reaching an international headcount of 200 employees. This announcement also marks Redbrick’s third major acquisition in the past four years and the company’s latest move to expand its portfolio with software that supports digital entrepreneurship. The Redbrick portfolio currently includes marketing automation, a no-code website-builder and lead-generation platform, as well as productivity tools.

“We are thrilled to be joining Redbrick and embarking on this exciting new chapter,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO and Co-Founder of Animoto. “Working with Redbrick will open new doors for Animoto as we continue to grow, bringing even more innovative features to our customers. After 16 years as an independent company, Animoto and our customers have a lot to gain by being welcomed into the Redbrick family. This acquisition immediately boosts our ability to empower more individuals and small businesses with the most effective and compelling way to tell a story.”

Since being founded in 2011, Redbrick has built, acquired, and scaled portfolio companies including Leadpages, Shift, Rebase, and Delivra, expanding into a recognized innovator and multinational name. The acquisition of Animoto represents a strategic addition to Redbrick’s portfolio and a testament to the Canadian-grown company’s accelerating rise in the North American tech sphere.

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