Spectrum Equity Named a Top Growth Equity Firm of 2023

This year, Spectrum is proud to be named to GrowthCap's top Growth Equity firms for 2023— a recognition not just of our success, but of the relationships, innovations, and hard work that fuel it.

As Managing Director Vic Parker put it: “Seeing founders and management teams build enduring, transformative companies is the most rewarding part of our work. We’re grateful to our community of investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and colleagues for three decades of extraordinary partnership.”

See the full write-up and list of winners here.

From GrowthCap's press release:

It is our distinct pleasure to announce this year’s Top Growth Equity Firms.

This year’s process began with a consideration set of over 400 firms. Final round candidates were reviewed methodically on the strength of their nomination submissions. We evaluated each firm’s unique capabilities, sector expertise, investment judgment, demonstrated value creation, senior partner composition, talent retention, firm evolution, and firm momentum, among other attributes.

Not all firms are created equal and one of the biggest factors that distinguishes a firm’s ability to thrive over the long term is integrity. The best firms institute integrity and imbue trust as a core part of their culture when interacting with each of their stakeholders—portfolio companies, limited partners, their employees, their industry colleagues and others. They also institute integrity into how they participate in the world around them including their communities as well as social and environmental initiatives.

Please join us in recognizing The Top Growth Equity Firms of 2023.

The specific companies identified above do not represent all of Spectrum’s investments, and no assumptions should be made that any investments identified were or will be profitable. View the complete list of our portfolio companies. Spectrum is not responsible for the contents of any third party website linked above, and has not confirmed the accuracy of any information provided therein.