Jagex is the UK’s largest independent online game developer and publisher.


Jagex Unlocks Cryptocurrency Payments

As vanguards of new transaction models throughout their time in business, Jagex will now become the first merchant to partner with BitPay and Adyen to accept bitcoins.

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Runescape Players Raise Money for Charity

Developer Jagex converted all virtual items thrown into the “Well of Goodwill” into dollars, turning 512 billion gold into $160,158, split between three charities.

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Jagex Unveils Chronicle for Loyal Players

Jagex broadens its appeal by launching a collectible card fantasy game, Chronicle: Runescape Legends for its 200 million players.

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Jagex Launches Runescape 3

To celebrate the official launch of RuneScape 3, publisher Jagex is sharing some interesting stats about the game.

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