Otter Surpasses 1 Billion Meetings Transcribed and Launches OtterPilot™

Mountain View, CA – is launching OtterPilot™, the smart AI meeting assistant that automates meetings from start to finish to help professionals and teams save time and increase meeting productivity. OtterPilot uses AI to automate the entire meeting process with automated live notes (auto-join and auto-share), automated slide capture, and automated summaries. The launch comes at a significant milestone for the company, with millions of professionals trusting Otter for their meeting notes, Otter has reached the milestone of transcribing over 1 billion meetings.

In Otter’s recent report on the cost of unnecessary meetings, it became clear that professionals and organizations are experiencing an overload of meetings, costing employers millions of dollars and zapping employee morale and productivity.

Now there is an easy way to collaborate and increase meeting productivity by leveraging the power of an AI assistant to transcribe and summarize meeting takeaways automatically, so not everyone needs to attend every meeting, and those that do can engage without distractions of note-taking. OtterPilot doesn’t just reduce the need to attend every meeting, it also enhances the ones you do attend by saving you time during the meeting and afterwards. OtterPilot eliminates the need to take manual notes during the meeting and sends out a meeting summary that includes images of the meeting slides.

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